“Situated in the heart of the Chiapas Highlands, San Cristobal serves as the epicenter of your dental vacation in Mexico. This region is characterized by its predominant indigenous population, many of whom live in rural, often impoverished villages. Some of these communities are tucked away in remote, mountainous areas, but the larger, more prosperous Indian towns lie within an hour’s drive or bus ride from San Cristobal. While you can observe many Indians working in central San Cristobal, to truly immerse yourself in their culture and lifestyle, a visit to one or more of these Indian settlements is a must.

As you depart the valley of San Cristobal, you leave behind the ‘modern’ Mexico and enter a more ancient, spiritual Mexico whose roots predate the nation itself. This offers an enriching cultural complement to your journey towards perfecting your smile with quality dental care in Mexico. As the road weaves past rugged mountains and valleys, you’ll encounter small Indian villages of adobe houses amidst a vibrant tapestry of cornfields, vegetable plots, and flower fields. Witness families laboring in the fields or women by their homes, hand-weaving traditional clothing or handicrafts. In the distance, more isolated hamlets perch precariously on steep mountainsides adorned by a patchwork of cornfields, lush forest, and coffee groves.”

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