Where a lot of attention is paid to the individual aspects of each person.


After completing his studies at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) at only 21 years of age, José Bermúdez Zenteno decided to return to his birthplace, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas and set up a small dental practice on Francisco I. Madero street, where he would work for the next 16 years.  

A few years after returning from Mexico City, he married María Candelaria Pascacio Albores, also an UNAM dental graduate who established a private practice on the Calle Panama in the same city.  

  • They had two sons, Jose de Jesus and Gerardo. 
  • Over the years, their shared and continual efforts made their dental practice continue to grow.


After sixteen years of working independently

Jose and Maria decided to start a dental practice together , with more modern and up-to-date installations.

This dental clinic was (and is) located on the corner of the Cuauhtémoc and Crescencio Rosas streets in the center of San Cristobal de Las Casas.
During this time, José Bermúdez decided to begin a specialty in orthodontics. This was a period of hard work and intense growth.


José Bermúdez Pascacio, in the meantime, left to study in Europe. Upon returning, the idea was hatched that would see this small clinic transformed into a complete dental center that could encompass every specialty in dentistry. It was a huge challenge, both in infrastructure and human resources, particularly since there were few specialized dentists in Chiapas; however, it was a step they were determined to undertake.

  • In 2004, all the hard work came to fruition and Salud Oral Dental Center was born: a clinic where dental attention is invariably provided by the appropriate specialists, rather than by a general dentist.

Dentist in Mexico Staff

The new installations were specifically built to cover all the requirements of a modern dental clinic, and today they include the following:

History Dentist in Mexico, Dental Implants in Mexico.jpg

Cad Cam Design Room

3d Printing and Cad Cam Devises

In House Dental Labo

Experience precision and efficiency

New Sterilization Room

Cutting-edge Sterilization Facility

Full Digital Diagnostic Process

Seamless Digital Diagnostic Journey

Three dentists from Mexico City joined the local team, leaving us with a total of six specialists. This was how a new professional adventure began for Salud Oral Centro Dental


Our project, which began over two decades ago, has filled us with professional satisfaction, even as it has called upon our continual efforts and pushed us to advance towards new horizons.

Dentist in Mexico is born:

10 years ago we began a new journey, becoming a destination specialized in the care of international patients (without leaving aside our local patients), thanks to all the digital technology of our days, automated systems and our own laboratory, have allowed us to provide rapid and very predictable results for the success in the treatment of our patients.

At Dentist in Mexico, as a principle, we do not serve more than two international patients at a time, so that our entire team is focused on the solution of each individual case. We avoid being a massive dental clinic, where little attention is paid to the individual aspects of each person.
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