Invisalign ® :
Discreetly Transform Your Smile and Confidence

Dental Aligners

Your Comfortable Journey to a Perfect Smile

The effectiveness of Invisalign® is more than proven as it has decades of development, which makes it the most reliable system worldwide.

These aligners are custom-made, comfortable, practical, and almost invisible.

Invisible orthodontics or Invisalign®, also known as dental aligners, is the most aesthetic and comfortable way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, without anyone noticing beyond the results or interfering with your image. 

No matter how misaligned your teeth are, it’s possible to solve it, dramatically improving your smile and self-esteem.


  1. Almost invisible, so it becomes very discreet
  2. Predictable treatment
  3. It is removable
  4. Better dental hygiene
  5. Comfortable and practical
  6. You can enjoy any food. There are no dietary restrictions (as long as you remove your
    aligners at mealtime)
  7. It does not have any metal elements (no wires and no braces)

prices at Dentist In Mexico


$ $2,405 USD
  • Consultations
  • Laboratory fees
  • Specialist work and time


$ $3,050 USD
  • Consultations
  • Laboratory fees
  • Specialist work and time



$ $3,813 USD
  • Consultations
  • Laboratory fees
  • Specialist work and time
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$ $5,454 USD
  • Consultations
  • Laboratory fees
  • Specialist work and time

In any orthodontic treatment, it is important to follow the following steps before starting your dental treatment:


It is advisable to have your teeth cleaned before starting a dental treatment so that your mouth gets free of tartar.


If you have cavities during your dental check-up, you will have to restore these decayed teeth, this step is very important since it is essential to have optimal oral health.


If you still have third molars (wisdom teeth) and they are not aligned or are retained inside your jaw, they will need to be extracted, so that they do not interfere with the movement of your teeth with the aligners.


$115 USD

  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Skull lateral X-ray
  • Photo Template
  • Digital Study Models
    Cephalometric studies


$160 USD


What's Next?​

By completing the above steps, you will be ready to undergo
the corresponding cephalometric studies, such as:

How does it work?

  1. We perform your teeth scan.
  2. We take digital impressions of your teeth.
  3. We take pictures of your mouth and teeth.
  4. We develop your treatment plan with specialized software that involves the following phases:
Step 1


As in all orthodontic treatment, it is essential to carry out an orthodontic study that includes diagnosis, dental tests and the planning of teeth micro movements (in this case digitally with the 3D ClinCheck software).

Step 2


Once the dental treatment has been defined from start to finish between the specialist and you, the orthodontic aligners will begin to be crafted in an approximate time of 2 weeks.

Step 3


To achieve the desired tooth movements, in some cases, extra help is necessary, the specialist will have to place small amounts of resin called attachments, on the outer face of some teeth, which serve as support points for the aligners, they are practically imperceptible as they are the same color as your teeth and easy to remove.

Step 4


At each check-up with your orthodontist, they will give you new sets of aligners and verify that the dental treatment is going smoothly. Appointments are 15 minutes long and are scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. These separate dates are especially convenient if you live out of town or travel a lot.

Step 5


About every two weeks, you'll have a new set of orthodontic aligners. Remember that the specialist will guide and supervise you throughout your dental treatment.

Step 6


In order for the orthodontic treatment to meet the deadlines, it is necessary to wear your aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

Step 7


After planning, in some cases you can get better results or make certain fine-tuning, so it is possible to request several sets of dental aligners, a phase known as Invisalign refinement.

There will be no cost for this.

Step 8


When you're done with the last set of aligners, you move on to the final stage. This stage is very important, it allows you to maintain the results obtained, by means of a dental retainer. The type of retainer and the time of usage is determined by the orthodontics specialist.

After finishing the dental treatment, it is important to have check-up appointments every 6 months, in which the specialist will verify that your orthodontic results are maintained and will also detect any issues related to your oral health in time.

Improve your oral health with us!


Education and dental specialties

Dr Julio Hernández


A member of the American Association of Ortodonthics

A member of the American Association of Ortodonthics

Techniques and technology with maximum esthetics and comfort.

We use invisible techniques and the newest orthodontics technology.

Dr Julio Hernández



Once you get used to wearing your dental aligners, you can speak with absolute normality.

You will have an unfamiliar body in your mouth that you will have to get used to, but this period only lasts 2 or 3 days.

Of course. This type of orthodontics is suitable for retreatment of cases in which there might be tooth movements once conventional orthodontics (Dental Braces) have been completed.

Teeth are always in motion and yes, they can return to their initial position. That is why the last stage, called retention, is so important, in which the patient is given a dental retainer that must be worn either at night or use constantly and attend checkup appointments after orthodontic treatment.

It depends on how often you smoke. If it is regularly, we advise you to remove the dental aligners to prevent them from getting bad odors and turning yellowish. But if you smoke occasionally, it is preferable that you maintain them, since orthodontics loses effectiveness if you do not fulfill 22 hours of daily use. If this is your case, wash your aligners more often. As specialists, we always recommend avoiding tobacco because it is harmful to oral health, but if you can’t eradicate this habit, try to reduce it as much as possible.

Whenever you remove them, place them in their case to prevent them from breaking or getting lost. Another very important point is hygiene, although the dental aligners are replaced every two weeks, you should clean them daily every time you take them off. Doing so is very simple: you only need a neutral soap, water and you can use your own toothbrush to clean only the aligner.

Be sure to dry the orthodontic aligners thoroughly before storing them in their case so they don’t get bad odors. It is advisable to soak the dental aligners and their case in a glass of water with a special prosthesis cleaning tablet every week.

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