Whiter Teeth, Brighter Smiles

The Power of Teeth Whitening

Because smiling is the most contagious positive act in the world, do it confidently and do not deprive yourself of a good laugh that radiates security.

Currently, dental whitening is recognized as the most effective method for treating pigmented teeth. It is also a conservative procedure, increasing patient comfort and safety.

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that will quickly and effectively improve the color of your teeth from mild to significantly.

As a result, you will obtain whiter teeth, boost your self-esteem, and permanently show a beautiful smile every day. 

Whitening options

In-Office Teeth Whitening

The advantages of getting in-office teeth whitening are:

This kind of teeth whitening is carried out under carefully monitored conditions by a specialist, which allow the safe, controlled, and painless use of a relatively high concentration of whitening gel, achieving visible and immediate results.

Home Whitening

With this whitening method, the patient is responsible for applying the product using a dental guard, which is very practical and easy, although supervision at the clinic with the specialists is still necessary, as they are also the ones who provide the whitening product with the appropriate percentage for you.

This dental guard has the shape of your teeth, making it unique and personalized, and it is made of a transparent material so that it fits perfectly on your teeth when you smear the whitening gel.

Disadvantages are:

  • If you have extensive cavities or your gums are affected by some disease or recession, you may experience pain or sensitivity in the affected area.
  • Inappropriate handling of the product (using it without following the instructions).
  • Longer time needed.

Advantages are:

  •  Comfort: You can whiten at any time of the day or night, for short or long periods.
  • Portability: It can also be used in the office or while traveling.

How much does professional teeth whitening cost?

In-Office Whitening

$295 USD
  • Whitening system
  • Soft tissue isolation
  • LED activation light

HOME Whitening

$225 USD
  • Whitening system
  • Personalized dental guard
  • Dental guard case
  • Two evaluations by the specialist

Whitening step by step

Many times, it is very important that you undergo a dental cleaning to have the area free of plaque and bacteria in order to have optimal results with your treatment. The procedure for teeth whitening in the clinic involves:

Step 1

Dental checkup

Step 2

Dental cleaning

Step 3

Precise protection of gums, cheeks, and tongue

Step 4

Whitening system application

Step 5

Whitening activation with LED light (30 to 40 minutes)

Step 6

Product withdrawal

Step 7

Evaluation and indications after treatment

Once the teeth-whitening treatment is finished, you are ready to show off your bright smile. The results can last for many years (from 3 to 5 years) by following the post-care instructions and, if necessary, continuing with your general dental treatment plan.

Before and After Transformations:

Complex cases in the hands of Dentists in Mexico.

We understand the importance of ensuring that the teeth-whitening procedure and results are the finest, so we would like to share with you some before and after images of dental whitening performed at our clinic.

If you want any advice or an assessment, please contact us.

Complex cases in the hands of Dentists in Mexico.

Improve your oral health with us!


Teeth whitening after care

You must attempt:

  • Ingesting for one week: plain chicken, fish, plain pasta, white sauces or creams, cereals, milk, and Sprite as a carbonated drink. After that, your diet can return to normal
  • Using dental floss for a complete hygiene routine.
  • Continuing aftercare through a dental cleaning once a year.

To achieve a bright and radiant smile, avoid the following for the first week:

  • Teeth staining foods or beverages: Tomate sauce, soy sauce, chocolate, berries, coffee, soda, tea, and red wine.
  • Hot or cold beverages and foods for the first 24 hours.
  • Any drink or food that would stain a white shirt.
  • Using neither toothpaste with artificial colorings (blue or red) nor mouthwash for 24 hours.


There are not many barriers that prevent the patient from undergoing a dental whitening treatment. As long as the entire mouth is healthy, it is possible to carry out this dental treatment without any problems. Contraindications are usually for patients who have oral problems such as very advanced periodontal diseases or extensive dental decay. You must be assessed and assisted individually by the specialist.

This depends on how well the patient looks after their teeth.

Habits such as smoking, drinking large quantities of coffee, tea, sodas, etc. can significantly reduce the duration of whitening.

An approximate duration time is between three and four years, after a touch-up is required, so that your teeth continue to shine and look attractive.

Yes, it they are very effective, noticeably changing the color of your teeth.” Tooth whitening is more effective in some people than others, due to many factors such as the pigmentation or coloration of their teeth, the particular thickness of the patient’s enamel and dentine. That said, in all cases of teeth whitening, there is a striking change in the appearance of the patient’s teeth.

No, neither your restorations nor your crowns can be restored using teeth whitening.  Only your natural teeth are subject to this technique.

Most patients that have their teeth whitened do not suffer any pain or discomfort after treatment. Among the few that do, the most common source of discomfort is teeth sensitivity, which can be avoided by taking a pain-killer. This increased sensitivty is temporary, and at most lasts only a few days.   

In Dentist in Mexico, we have a long experience whitening smiles using advanced  equipment. The teeth whitening procedure only takes about an hour. Our patients remain comfortably seated, listening to the music of their choice, while a special gel is applied, followed by the exposure of your teeth to a light which whitens your teeth.

Yes, there are affordable teeth whitening options available. Over-the-counter whitening toothpaste and strips are generally more budget-friendly, but they may take longer to show results compared to professional treatments.

Dental insurance typically does not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. It is considered elective and not medically necessary.

Some people explore DIY or natural teeth whitening methods, such as baking soda or activated charcoal. While these options may be cost-effective, their effectiveness and safety can vary, and it’s essential to exercise caution.


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