“Exploring the Diverse Water Wonders of Misol-Ha and Agua Azul: An Indispensable Part of Your Palenque Visit”

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“Positioned between Ocosingo and Palenque, the divergent waterfalls of Misol-Ha and Agua Azul present a stunning detour for any traveler exploring the Palenque ruins. These natural marvels make for an indispensable addition to your itinerary.

Despite its surge in tourism over recent years, Agua Azul, or ‘Blue-Waterfalls’, remains an unrivaled spectacle. This series of cascading light blue falls, surrounded by lush montane rainforest, is simply enchanting. The site is best experienced early in the morning or during weekdays to avoid large crowds, especially during peak holiday periods. For those seeking an immersive nature experience, camping facilities are available by the waterfalls.


In contrast, the Misol-Ha waterfall retains a more serene atmosphere, with lesser tourist infrastructure. Here, a single majestic waterfall drops from a height of 35 meters into a serene pool below. This waterfall’s towering height, the tranquil blue pool, and the enveloping tropical greenery create an unforgettable vista. The pool welcomes visitors for a refreshing dip, and for those wishing to extend their stay, cozy cabins nestled in the forest offer overnight accommodations. A noteworthy trivia about Misol-Ha is its Hollywood connection – most of the Arnold Schwarzenegger starrer ‘Predator’ was filmed in the jungle surrounding this waterfall.”