“Porcelain crowns, famed for their superior aesthetic results, are an excellent choice for those seeking to enhance the shape, size, color, or alignment of their teeth. They provide an effective solution for teeth severely damaged by cavities, fractures, or multiple restorations, and often serve as the restoration of choice for teeth that have undergone a root canal.

However, before we delve further, it’s essential to understand what exactly a porcelain crown is. Essentially, a porcelain crown is a dental restoration that wholly envelops the visible part of the tooth, i.e., the section above the gum line, also referred to as the ‘clinical crown’.

The primary purpose of a porcelain crown is to safeguard and preserve the remaining tooth structure, thereby restoring its functionality. To draw a straightforward analogy, a crown can be compared to a helmet worn by a motorcyclist, providing comprehensive protection.

Besides ‘porcelain crowns’, they are also referred to as ‘porcelain jackets’, ‘tooth caps’, or ‘dental caps’, all hinting at their protective role in dental health.”